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i329 Wi-Fi Tank Gauge Transmitter Module

Already have a Petro Meter Gauge?


Now you can connect your Petro meter gauge to the internet with the Petro Meter i329 Tank Gauge Transmitter Module!

Just add the i329 module to your existing PetroMeter Gauge and voila - you're connected to the internet so you can monitor fuel levels from any internet enabled device*

*(The building must have a power outlet in the vicinity and Wi-Fi service where the i329 is)



  • Tank level updates every 5 minutes
  • Historical data archiving for usage analysis and usage forcasting
  • Fill start and fill complete emails or text messaging alerts
  • Email/text notifications on specific level points (High level, Low level)
  • Includes 12 months of free data service (billed at $3.99/mo. thereafter)

Petro Meter i329


The new i329 brings your Petro meter Gauge into the 21st Century by getting your tank data where you need it , when you need it, anywhere on the web.

Add the i329 to your existing Petro Meter Gauge or get the complete Petro Meter System with Gauge andTank unit and add the i329 Transmitter Module. Click here for more info on the Petro Meter Gauge



Petro Meter i329 Wi-Fi Tank Gauge Transmitter Module*

Item #i329...$249

*Purchase includes 12 months of data access on any Internet browser enabled device (tablet, smart phone, computer). Billed at $3.99 per month thereafter.


Connect your Petro Meter Gauge to any Wi-Fi enabled Device with the Petro Meter i329!


Upgrade your Petro Meter now!