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Fuel Devil - Wireless Fuel Level Monitor

The Fuel Devil is a rugged wireless fuel level monitor that provides an LED readout of 20 levels (within 5% accuracy) of fuel capacity


  • Low voltage, capacitance-based remote fuel level indicator
  • 20 LED segment readout display.
  • Accurate within 5% of fuel level height.
  • 418 Megahertz remote range operation of 150 feet.
  • 16 channel frequency selector switch for discreet
    and secure level updates.
  • Automatic tank readings update every 30 minutes
    or by manual override.
  • Programmable low level warning blink mode
    with automatic reset after fill.
  • Discreet audible and visual alarm modes for:
     Tank probe disconnect.
     Tank probe short circuit.
     Tank probe capacitance overload due to:
     Excessive fuel level detected.
     Excessive water levels detected.
  • Low battery transmitter warning LED.
  • Detachable tank transmitter for ultimate safety in battery replacement.
  • Fixed point probe level signaling effectively measures actual oil height.
  • Segmented assemblies are available for installation in areas with low overhead clearance. Dual and tri-segmented models available. CONTACT US if interested in segemented assemblies


Installation note: clearance above the tank needed for installation of the sending unit is approximately half the length of the sender--for example, a 42" sender requires about a 21" clearance above the tank. For segmented kits, the minimum clearance is about 8"


Segmented assembly union

Note--Fuel Devil is not weatherproof. Outdoor use requires protection from exposure






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Complete kit provides everything needed for installation

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